Frequently Asked Questions


What is jake & Jubi’s Snack Co.?

We make snacks for those who want SUPER DECADENT treats, made from whole, unprocessed foods. We promise to always use organic and local ingredients when we can, and our ingredients will always be gluten-free.

Should I refrigerate the date bites?

We highly encourage that you freeze the date bites. They are a refreshing, chewy, candy bar-esque treat this way. Otherwise, we recommend that you refrigerate them (they will taste more like cookie dough). We don’t recommend you travel far distances with date bites, but they will be fine to be unrefrigerated while you shop at the farmers market or travel home.

What is the shelf life of my Jake & Jubi’s Snack Co. snack?

All of our snacks have a sixty day shelf life. Check the expiration date on your specific snack for guidance. Please note that the expiration stamp is based on freezing the Date Bites, and storing the Granola Butter and Nut Crunch Granola at room temperature.

Where did the name Jake & Jubi’s come from?

Our business name was inspired by our cats, Jake & Jubi. Jake is a black and white cat with love rolls and a howl-of-a-meow, who won’t eat his food unless you pet him first. Jubi is a sultry and sassy black cat with an over the top ‘tude.

DO you ship?

Snack lovers in Austin and Houston can order Date Bites from Farmhouse Delivery. You can order Nut Crunch Granola and Granola Butter directly from us.

Should I refrigerate the granola butter?

Refrigerating the Granola Butter will extend the shelf life (and also thicken the consistency) but it’s not necessary. We prefer the Granola Butter to be stored at room temperature.

Where can I find your products?

To see a full list of retail locations, check out this page.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! And we love our wholesalers! To see our wholesale pricing sheet, email us at